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Student Reviews

Liz Jolly 


"I have been learning with this school for a year and a half now. It is great fun and Iris is a patient and inspirational teacher. Lessons are fun and she values and nurtures the individuality of each learner. We also have the chance to meet up with her other students to play and perform together."


George Hofman 

"My teacher has very patiently led me from being a total beginner, with no knowledge of music, to being able to play some of my favourite tunes."
"She helped me to buy my first accordion and later found me an upgrade. She has found ways to get around problems when I find things difficult.
I am a retired woodworker not designed to be a musician but am gently getting better without undue pressure and with quite a bit of fun."

Margaret Payne 

"Iris is patient, good humoured, encouraging and fun.
She is kind and helpful and is able to explain things very clearly.
I always look forward to lessons and really enjoy learning to play this lovely instrument."

Barry Flynn

"I can't recommend Iris too highly as an accordion teacher. The lessons are always a lot of fun - as well as hard work! - and entirely customised and personalised to the individual student's abilities and potential. Iris's knowledge of her subject is also unrivalled, and of course she is a highly accomplished musician and artiste herself. I never thought that after only one year I would have been able to progress so swiftly, and derive so much enjoyment from my own playing and practising. Be aware that 'German-style' means exactly that: the teaching materials and music style are unmistakably German. There is also an appropriate focus on the need to establish a foundation of correct technique from the outset. You can also hire an accordion from Iris if you need to - very useful for those who want to find out if the piano accordion is a suitable instrument for them without having to incur an up-front purchase cost."


"Dear Iris,

I began my lessons with you as a complete beginner last November 2022.

I do both online and face to face lessons and have no problem with the online connection via Skype. Both types of learning are instructive and inspirational. I am finding my lessons very constructive.

You teach me very clearly in a fun way. Your knowledge of the music is excellent. 

The accordion has brought me great joy and I am really pleased that I have taken it up.

Thank you,

Ursie x"     

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